Bio Ear Topical Formula

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Ringing In The Ears? Hear The Difference With Bio-Ear

"As a tinnitus sufferer for over 20 years it was a great relief to find a simple & effective aid. The oil application soothes the ear... I have found Bio-Ear particularly beneficial in the evening and morning times when tinnitus is most noticeable." V.D.

Alive & Alert Bio-Ear™ safely silences ear noise and relieves sensitivity to sound. Bio-Ear has been shown to help relieve the ringing, buzzing and noise, by nourishing nerve endings in the ear, and gently improving circulation.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera gel in an alcohol base (18-22%), UPS Purified Water, Bio-Chelated® Extracts of the following highly concentrated herbs: Gentian root, Bitter Orange peel, Dandelion root, Myrrh gum, Senna leaves, Rhubarb root, Blessed Thistle seed, Angelica root. Kosher.

Common use: For tinnitus, ringing, buzzing, and noise in the ear. Though not a cure, Bio-Ear™, used regularly over time, has been shown approximately 85% of the time to alleviate symptoms as reported by tinnitus sufferers in both the United States and Europe.

Suggested directions: Shake well before using. Place cotton ball on top of bottle. Invert bottle to moisten cotton. Place moistened cotton into ear and leave 2-4 hours. Repeat process as needed. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

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