Cap-M-Quik Capsule Filler - Size 00

Cap-M-Quik Capsule Filler - Size 00

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Product Description:

The Do-It-Yourself Capsule Filler

Now it's easier than ever to encapsulate unpleasant-tasting herbs and powders. Cap-M-Quick™ allows you to fill up to 50 standard "00" size capsules with powdered herbs or vitamins, in one easy operation.

Cap-M-Quik® Capsule Filler includes herb spreading card. Cap-M-Quick Filler is easy to use:
  • (1) Manually separate capsules and load longer half in holes
  • (2) Fill will powder herbs or vitamins
  • (3) To finish, simply replace the top cap and remove filled capsules To pack more content in each capsule, consider the Cap-M-Quick™ Tamper accessory.

    Suggested directions: Included on package.

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