Arnica Flowers

Mexican, Powder, 4 oz (Heteroteca inuloides)

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Product Description:

Herbal First Aid For Muscle & Nerve Discomforts

• Eases muscle & joint discomforts

• Soothes minor bruises

Arnica is a must for every herbal first aid kit, especially for the active individual, sports enthusiast, or weekend warrior. Arnica preparations soothe minor joint & muscle aches, nerve discomfort, bumps & bruises.

Arnica is a centuries-old first aid home remedy for easing aches, pains & sprains. It makes an effective salve, therapeutic oil or lotion for quick, soothing relief.

NOTE: Mexican Arnica is used in Latin America and Mexico in much the same way as European Arnica.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Arnica mexicana, Arnica del pais.

Common use: Soothes temporary muscle and nerve discomfort; bruises; minor muscle pain; joint discomfort. NOTE: Arnica can cause allergic dermatitis with extended use or in sensitive persons.

Suggested directions: Hot Compress: Soak a clean linen or cotton cloth in a hot infusion and apply it to the affected area as hot as can be tolerated. Cover with a folded blanket or towel to maintain heat. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR INTERNAL USE. NOT TO BE USED ON OPEN WOUNDS OR BROKEN SKIN.

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