Smoke Free Spray

1 fl oz (Herbs Etc.)

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Product Description:

Fast Acting Support To Help You Stop Smoking

Smoke Free® is the ideal herbal combination formula for the determined person who wishes to stop smoking. It decreases withdrawal symptoms, calms the nervous system, and promotes healthy lung function. Fast-acting. Non-habit forming.

Ingredients: Lobelia Herb (in bladder seed stage)…decreases cravings; Fresh Oat seed in the milky stage…nervous irritability, feeling as if you want to crawl out of your skin; Chinese Licorice Root…fights low energy; Osha Root…healthy lung function; Passionflower Herb…calms "chattering", busy brain; Fresh Grindelia Flower; Fresh Mullein Leaf; Ginger Root. Extracted with 65% grain alcohol and distilled water, Vegetable Glycerine.

Suggested directions: Spray 1 or 2 times in your mouth when smoking urge arises. May cause nausea when over used. DO NOT USE IN PREGNANCY.

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