Green Tea Fat Metabolizer, 75 liquid soft gels (Irwin Naturals)

Green Tea Fat Metabolizer, 75 liquid soft gels (Irwin Naturals)

  • Item Number: BIN28

Kick-Start Your Fat Burning Ability

  • Increase calorie burning
  • Promote energy
  • Support metabolism

Green Tea Fat Metabolizer® combines a highly concentrated form of green tea extract with a powerful blend of natural herbal boosters and nutrients that, when used with a reduced calorie diet and exercise plan, can help:

  • Increase Calorie Burning: This formula contains patented Advantra Z®. Emerging research indicates its potential to increase calorie burning and increase metabolism.
  • Promote Energy: EGCG and caffeine have properties that enhance your metabolism and help burn calories. The thermogenic combination of green tea extract and natural caffeine, while not actually "melting fat,” helps to oxidize fat and increase energy expenditure.
  • Support Weight Management: Chromium Picolinate is part of this formula and is an essential nutrient required for fat, sugar and carbohydrate metabolism.

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    Contains Soy
    Contains Fish
  • Servings per container: 37

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    Common use:

    Green Tea Fat Metabolizer® maximizes powerful thermogenic action in fast-acting Liquid Soft-Gels. For optimum results, use in conjunction with a low calorie diet and exercise program.

    Suggested directions:

    Adult, as an addition to your reduced calorie diet and exercise plan, take 2 liquid soft gels in the morning and 1 or 2 in the afternoon 30 minutes before meals with a full glass of water. Contains natural caffeine. SEE PDF LABEL FOR WARNINGS.

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    • Item Number: BIN28

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